Strategic Whitepaper

The Future of e-Government

Market liberalization, social and political changes, security threats, resource shortages and climate change are the global trends affecting governments across the world. To cope with these changes, various organizations and governments have invested heavily in information and communication technologies (ICT) over the years.

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To better address global challenges, governments must evolve and leverage collaborative communication technologies to transform the method in which they serve, operate, and communicate.

Failing to do so may widen gaps between government departments and constituents, national and local governments or cities and remote areas. 

Visual communication solutions provide government agencies with location liberation - a true enabler to their transformation - which breaks down distance barriers, bridges gaps and brings people together face-to-face, thereby helping to improve public services, safety, security, healthcare and education.

This informative white paper, brought to us by our partners at Polycom, focuses on 4 key pillars to the collaborative goverment approach that addresses the mandates governments are driving for. 

These include:

  • Service Experience
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Mission-critical Communications
  • Unified Communications Strategy


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